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For Elton Dean (28/10/45 - 8/2/06) &
Hugh Hopper (29/4/45 - 7/6/09).

Special "thanks" / "danke" to SK (Rugby, England) & HG (St Pauli, Germany).

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Skamanc, Manchester City, March 2012.

For my sons, Dylan, Tommy & Sean.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Normal Service Will Be Resumed....Soon (ish)

As manu of you will now be aware, every file you click on is now marked illegal. This is because Rapidshare have decided that I have contravened copyright, and closed down my account, in the process destroying just over 3 1/2 years of accrued / saved files & sharecodes. I have appealed, though with no joy. The rotten feckers....

I have left this a few days as I was debating the best course of action, given that I need to move home very quickly as things have deteriorated so badly on the home &  financial fronts.

After much thought, all I can do is keep the blog going, though you will need to bear with me for a while. I have started to re-upload some material, though obviously,. 3+ years of music is a massive undertaking. 95% of the files are safe on my hard drive(s) though they will onviously need to be gradually reuploaded again.

I may consider reuploading some of the more popular downloads first, as well as bringing in new files not sen on the blog before. Any help will be gratefully received....

Bless you all, Skamanc, Jan 2013.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

MATCHING MOLE : Expanded Editions

Courtesy of S.K. (Rugby), here are the expanded editions of the Matching Mole albums seen above.


CAN : Anthology (25 Years / Remasters)

Remastered edition of the 25 Years Anthology. Essential stuff & a great introduction to Can for the beginner...Again, many thanks to S.K for sending the files in...



Saturday, 19 May 2012

SOFT MACHINE : Montreux Jazz Festival, 4/7/74

The Soft Machine set fom the televised / filmed Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, 1974. This is one long zip file (rather than separate tracks) but well worth the download.

SOFT MACHINE : Five (1972)

The fifth album release, from 1972...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

SOFT MACHINE : The Early Years

Excellent collection of very early material from the Soft Machine, including the Allen, Ayers and Hopper line - ups. Some inpossibly rare tracks on here from their earliest sessions and vinyl releases. Absolutely essential.....

01-Contusions-(Summer 1966 Session)
02-Another Lover Has Gone-(Summer 1966 Session)
03-Fred The Fish-(from 1967 45'')
04-Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin-(from 1967 45'')
05-I Should've Known (Recorded in UK 1967)
06-I'm So Low (Recorded in UK 1967)
07-We Know What You Mean-September 22,1967-Hoepla TV,Holland
08-I Should've Known -September 22,1967-Hoepla TV,Holland
09-Clarence In Wonderland-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
10-We Know What You Mean-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
11-Certain Kind-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
12-Hope For Happiness-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
13-Lullaby Letter-(BBC Recording 12-5-67)
14-She's Gone-(from 1967 45'')
15-I Should've Known-(from 1967 45'')
16-Lullabye Letter-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
17-Hope For Happiness-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
18-Save Yourself-(oops version of the 1968 released tracks)
19-Joy Of A Toy-(From Mono Single Released Early 1969)
20-Why Are We Sleeping-(From Mono Single Released Early 1969)